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, a black monday, the boom and bust twice during that period of time, so long story short, don't get caught up in the short-term. take it long-term, always, always have exposure to the market. it will take care of you over 30, 40-year timeframe. over three or four-year timeframe, maybe not so much. probably. >> what about buying individual stocks? what's your take on that, winner or loser for people like me, individual investors? >> i call it a looser. the market has so much information in it. you have a pea-sized brain compared to the overall market. i'm not insulting you because i think you're one of the smartest people i've ever met. >> thank you. >> but there's the risks that you don't know. there's the headline risks, the currency risks, inflation risks, just a bad day on the market could cause, you know, a massive sell-off of everything. your individual stock is ultimately a loser. so be cautious. i see too many people try to become financial analysts when they are, you know, ciscoe engineers. i see too many people thinking it's easy to pick stocks. if you're going to do it, go with s
that don't buy holiday gifts for anyone but if you do have to shop consider shopping right now. wal-mart has amazing deals anywhere between 20 to 50% off for the tvs and tablets. this is one of those stories where we have a shortened holiday season. we will hear about this for the next 60 days as we approach christmas. thinks giving comes up very late in november which police short-time to get to christmas. >> what have been honest is of the website of the affordable care act and now you hear the premiums are going up. >> yes. for the average independent contractor mail premiums have gone up about 40 +%. who benefits from obama care is old people who are like 50 or 60 independent contractors. that's where to reach for healthy white male is going from 250 to $400. a 40% increase and premiums. loved the health care but hate the affect on the economy elsewhere. >>mark: watching kellogg. the big cuts. what's going on there. >> kellogg is pop tarts, plain gold--sprinkled, lego. --pringles, leggo my eggo >> they are taking effect some cost efficiency. they are calling that project k. i li
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2